We apologize for the missing content. TFx was running on software built over 10 years ago that was only to sell PDF stories. It has not been updated in a decade.

I was not happy with how it was completely manual, and had many issues. It still used PHP procedural code and very sluggish MySQL calls to function. All PayPal payments were manually processed. All uploads had to be formatted and uploaded by FTP. It was not worth the time to continue keeping this antequated system running like this.

I moved servers, and instead of trying to get this old code running with a more modern system, I am taking it offline. It may be months before I can get a better solution running here. I still have all the purchases and credits available for each user.

The best place to find updates for now will be the FA page, http://www.furaffinity.net/user/tfxgroup, or the DA page, https://tfxgroup.deviantart.com/.

If you'd rather get in touch via email, please email tfxgroup@gmail.com with your concerns. Please note that TFx is not the top priority right now, so updates will be slow.

This site is not dead. It just needed a makeover badly.

For now, I hope to see you soon.

— Lizardman (2018/04/25)